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Precedent Management Announces Expansion of Code Compliance Division

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Precedent Management, LLC, a leading provider of innovative real estate solutions, announced today the expansion of its Code Compliance service division to accommodate demand for its municipal violation management services which includes proactive identification, compliance verification, vacant property registrations and curative solutions for lenders, servicers, and real estate aggregators nationwide.

"During the Great Recession municipalities became well versed compensating for loss of tax revenue by levying code violations, fees and penalties during the downturn," said Amy Sanchez, Precedent Management's Co-CEO. "Unfortunately, the volume and value of violations hasn't diminished as the economy has recovered and real estate operators and servicers are still running into these, often preventable headaches."

Precedent's Code Compliance platform evolved from service contracts with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is maximized through the use of a proprietary fulfilment software, RView™, and highly trained staff.

"The investment to expand our Code Compliance division will focus on adding additional resources and upgrading automated technologies that support this segment of our company," said Rob DeWald, Co-CEO. "This represents our overall commitment and steady focus to preserve our client's priority positions."

About Precedent Management, LLC

Precedent Management, LLC, offers a comprehensive suite of real estate support service products such as lien curative, code compliance, HOA, utility and real estate tax account management solutions.

Precedent Management team has supplied its services to over 1 million commercial, industrial, multi-family and single-family assets and 300,000 performing, non and re-performing loans throughout the nation including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Precedent Management's persistent commitment to set the standard in real estate solutions has made it an industry leader in real estate management and consulting services nationwide.

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