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™ was created by Precedent Management for the user who has a periodic need for community association (HOA) contact information, the need to identify if a property is subject to an association, request specific documentation or order a HOA lien search.™ is designed to help real estate lawyers, servicers, title companies, financial institutions, investors, real estate aggregators and other individuals to address their HOA issues from the convenience of their computer.™ offers an easy one-stop research solution to help you identify the existence of a community association relative to a property address, the status of the account, retrieve community documents and various other services related to an association. You simply select the services you want, enter the property address, pay through a secured online SSL payment system and you will receive an email with a link to your documents.

Precedent utilizes a state-of-the-art, proprietary software system RView™, that references a comprehensive database comprised of public and internally sourced documents to readily identify association details. We verify all of our own data and return results in a consistent and easy to read report. Most orders are fulfilled within 2 business days.™ is powered by Precedent Management, LLC., an established real estate servicing corporation which offers broad range of HOA Account Management services. Our detailed and professional team is experienced in researching HOA's, farming target regions and building relationships with large management firms to turn our experiences into real results and savings for our clients. For more information regarding Precedent’s comprehensive HOA Account Management services, please visit, call 786-452-1807 or email


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